Benefits of ALTV

How Users will interact with our Metaverse.

Governance: ALTV token will enable users to be able to play a part in the protocol’s governance as Altverse will become a DAO and enable the community to control various governance decisions.

Protocol Incentivization (prize): stakers will enable users to earn PRIZES (random prize, best freelancer of the month, etc.), and rewards from time to time and provide them with voting rights in the upkeep of the protocol and continuous development. (arbiters, for example)

Staking rewards: Stacked ALTV token earning rewards in the form of tokens of the respective staking pool (pALTV, Stablecoin) and interact with corresponding Tokens (esALTV, Multiplier) on the protocol.

Gamified NFTs (ex Spin the NFTs): stakers can spin a gamified wheel for a chance to win a free NFT (metaverse customization), redeemable for ALTV or resellable at the NFT marketplace.

Ranking: WEB3 GIGs and DAOs can pay ALTV pALTV to increase their ranking visibility on the protocol, “featured”.

Team Building: Long Stakers (long term + X minimum entry amount) will be granted a special group access where freelancers can build up their team and collaborate for bigger or personal projects (community building).

Arbiters election: Stakers (minimum entry amount) will be granted the power of electing Arbiters in our arbiter system. Voting for high eventually high rank arbiters will guarantee incentives to voters (promoting users towards a thoughtful and good use of their voting power) Customizations: future metaverse and avatar customization will be purchasable with. ALTV, pALTV. (our arbiter system will rely on our partner Kleros first)

Discount: Discount on escrow fees.

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