Web3 Discord Quest Bot


In Altverse, discord is a community area for members to participate in difference activities and discussions. We want to focus on both user acquisition and user retainment since we believe both are the core for a healthy an sustainable project in WEB3.

During the early stages of WEB3 projects were gifting people tokens and nfts (Airdrops) to get the attention of users.

The trend is changing and users need to contribute in the growth and value of a company (testnet etc) to get a reward long term.

In doing so We want to connect more with our community and present new avenues for them among the Altverse ecosystem.

So we created The Altverse bot in discord, a bot that rewards users for their contribution with a gamification system. Users complete daily and campaign quests, earning reward and DID such as ALTIE DID (SBT)

Contribution will vary from social to beta testing etc, and rewards will be exchanged in the future for tokens and NFTs/SBT.

Community members with ideas and connections can also make proposals in ecosystem space after being vetted by the Altverse team.

Head over to our discord and you will find more info about it!

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