Altverse FAQ

Common and Frequently Asked Questions

Tokenomics & Token Utilities?

ALTV token ALTV is the backbone of the ALTV ecosystem, providing fee distribution to holders. Altverse has designed incentive schemes to increase network effects and demand for ALTV and to control its circulating supply and price stability. Staking ALTV provides myriad benefits, which will be expanded later during the full platform launch.

At a glance, these benefits include:

  • Prizes for high-performing users or engaged community members.

  • Staked ALTV tokens gain protocol fees and profits.

  • Joining events to win rewards such as NFTs or other tokens.

  • Gain more visibility within the Altverse platform.

  • Elect Altverse Arbiters that will help mediate and make unbiased decisions during disputes.

”for more info check Tokenomics sections”

How does Altverse escrow service help GIG freelancers?

Money received by DAO to escrow at the beginning of the agreement makes GIG freelancer safe knowing the money is there, and they can focus on their tasks without worrying about anything else.

How does Altverse escrow service help DAOs?

Suppose the GIG Freelancer did not meet expectations, and the DAO is dissatisfied with the Job for legitimate reasons. In that case, the DAO can open an "Arbitration clause" before releasing the money from the escrow, and a team of "Arbiters" will make a decision playing as the "Jury" of the situation.

Why is the escrow service so important?

The escrow service protects Altverse users from scammers. If a user tries to convince you to make a deal outside the Altverse platform, you can ignore the suggestion and open an appeal. We cannot protect you if you deal outside the platform/protocol.

The escrow service aims to solve malicious attempts by holding the cryptocurrency in a deposit. When there is no agreement, and the counterpart opens an "Arbitration Clause," Altverse's and verified Arbiter Team, of which members are voted and selected safely previously, will analyze both the GIG freelancer and DAO stories.

Depending on the situation, the whole or a % of the initial arrangement will go to the GIG freelancer. Arbiters will take a fee as a reward for making the best decision at the time.

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